Welcome to Interventional Pain Care in South Bay, Torrance, your premier destination for effective pain relief and compassionate care. We understand that finding relief from pain can often be a challenging and time-consuming journey. Patients often find themselves shuttling between primary care physicians, specialists, and therapists of all kinds in search of the optimal solution for their pain issues.

That’s why we established Interventional Pain Care in South Bay, Torrance with a clear mission in mind: to provide expert diagnosis, unwavering compassion, and comprehensive pain relief to individuals grappling with both temporary and long-term chronic pain. 

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Wondering if you’re a candidate for our treatments?

During your appointment with us, our doctor will thoroughly assess your medical history, conduct a targeted physical exam, and review any relevant imaging results. Based on an accurate diagnosis, you will be provided a personalized treatment plan. If you’re experiencing severe neck pain radiating into the arm or low back pain radiating into the leg due to a spinal disc injury, you may find relief through an epidural procedure.

What is Epidural?

Epidural steroid injections are a commonly used non-surgical treatment option for individuals experiencing acute or chronic back or neck pain accompanied by pain radiating into the arm or leg. An epidural injection involves placing medication near the affected nerve to alleviate inflammation and pain. The injection typically consists mainly of sterile saline (salt water), a local anesthetic to numb the nerve, and a small amount of powerful anti-inflammatory steroid.

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