Motor Vehicle Accidents (MVA)

Head and back injuries caused by Motor Vehicle Accidents are typically the most serious and recurrent.

Head injuries can cause:


  • Poor eyesight
  • Fractures of the skull
  • Concussions


Dizziness and headaches can occur following a concussion.

Injuries to the entire spine are also common, although whiplash injury is the most common.

Whiplash is due to a rapid movement of the neck and head following a sudden deceleration and can be very painful and limit movement. 

Finally, as a result of the explosion of the vehicle safety systems (airbags), thoracic trauma can occur with the consequent collapse of the lungs and/or fractures of the rib bones.

For a faster recovery, it is better to rely on a Pain Management Specialist like Dr. Munish Lal to draw up an adequate rehabilitation program.


Pain Management after a Motor Vehicle Accidents: why is it useful?


After a car accident, you may experience pain, decreased ability to move, headaches and stiffness. It must be understood that these symptoms may not appear immediately after the accident. 

 Pain Management Specialist helps you to:


  • keep pain symptoms at bay
  • improve flexibility
  • increase muscle strength
  • reduce the time to heal from trauma
  • prevent long-term damage, including migraines and chronic post-traumatic pain.


Wherever the possibility exists, rehabilitation also helps you avoid surgery. Strengthens ligaments, tendons, and muscles, protecting the body’s most vulnerable structures.

Pain Management Specialists can also treat positional vertigo following whiplash – in just a few sessions, they can correct dysfunction in the vestibular system. Types of rehabilitation intervention include:


  • targeted massage on certain structures
  • cryotherapy
  • specific exercises
  • stretching
  • hydrokinesitherapy (where prescribed)


The sooner you approach the  Pain Management Specialist after a car accident, the more likely you will have a complete recovery.

Dr. Munsih Lal’s approach is non-invasive and helps to decrease the use of anti-inflammatories for pain management.

In addition to treatment after a car accident, he can provide cardio-respiratory, cardiovascular, neurological, orthopedic, and post-operative rehabilitation services.

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