Suboxone® Detox

Suboxone is basically naloxone and buprenorphine. If you have been taking Suboxone® for a prolonged period of time, and have successfully stopped using heroin and methadone, then your doctor may begin to lower your Suboxone® dose. However, even if you have received 1 mg per day of Suboxone®, eliminating it completely is a difficult point for any opiate addict.

Dr. Musnish Lal has designed a personalized detoxification method for Suboxone® that will help you get off this drug in the most easiest way possible.


• Completely painless and pleasant



During Suboxone® Detox Program, withdrawal symptoms are effectively prevented so that the withdrawal syndrome does not even manifest itself. The patient sleeps normally, eats, and does not experience pain or other ill effects during the period of narcotic detoxification treatment. Only 10% of patients may feel a slight tension, chills, or a sensation of cold, which are eliminated instantly with the help of a specific treatment.

It is essential that during the rapid detoxification of narcotics, medical technology is applied in order to protect the brain, heart, lungs and to prevent the body from experiencing strong stress and fatigue. We provide monitored devices that ensure the protection of internal organs.


• Comprehensive examinations and personalized treatment for each patient



The detailed studies of the somatic and psychological state of the patient, as well as the substances used and their quantities, allow us an accurate prognosis of the detoxification process. This implies that, in any case, you plan a personalized treatment method that protects you from pain and suffering.

The association of addictologists, internists, anesthetists considers the option of all the different states of the patient before designing their specific detoxification program.



• The beginning of the immediate prevention of withdrawal syndrome and thorough preparation for the detoxification of cells



Our patient receives preventive protection of the syndrome from the reception in the clinic. Sometimes even from arrival at the airport. 



• The complex detox method



The patient receives a deep cleansing of the cells, lymphatics, heroin, methadone, Suboxone®, and other opiates. At the same time, along with opiates, other narcotics such as alcohol, etc., are expelled from the body. The general detoxification of the body from other substances is also accompanied by protection against potential risks and problems.



• The comprehensive detoxification method



The personalized detox program contains components from some traditional methods of reducing tramadol or buprenorphine to ultra-rapid detox. Many components are applied one after the other or sometimes done at the same time, depending on the type of smart drug detox. 


• The fast, smart drug detox



The fast, smart drug detox makes it possible to easily detox from heroin in 3 days and from methadone in 5 to 7 days. This is not an ultra-fast “24-hour” detox but a safe and effective (but no-rush) drug detox program.


• Control of cell cleansing and preparation for the Naltrexone program is organized at the patient’s discretion.



A series of tests show how the Suboxone® detoxification process is achieved and when the body is completely clear of narcotics, and the patient can begin with the Naltrexone injection induction.






Currently, the most popular and requested method of preventing relapse contains one of the forms of naltrexone. The help of subcutaneous naltrexone depo implants or injectable naltrexone depo is possibly safe for the protection of opiate receptors (heroin, methadone, substitute, Suboxone®, morphine) and from relapses. Naltrexone is allowed by the FDA and has caused a true revolution in drug treatment. Naltrexone depo in the form of firm implants or skin injections allows abstinence to be prolonged as necessary.

Naltrexone depo implants that have a shelf life of 3 to 12 months are placed under the skin in the lower abdomen using a 1.5 cm surgical cut. Naltrexone depo dissolves slowly, giving the body a sufficient amount. Naltrexone molecules protect receptor cells from all opiates by not allowing them to retain narcotic effects and sensations. In this way, the person cannot return to narcotic abuse and gains the possibility of gradually rehabilitating himself.


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